Sunday, March 9, 2014


Exile the Updates!

So we ended up having issues with some of the Editor Assets we purchased, as they were slowing up the build with errors, and run time. I also was oblivious to the fact that the computer i was using at school, was one of a couple that actually had Unity Pro. Now i don’t think that it messed with the build going back and forth from Pro to the Free version, but you never know. So i built a whole new project, and saved what i could from the previous build. I cleaned it up, had issues getting the character to animate again properly, which I learned I had to change the animation clips to legacy, or something along those lines. Other than that, i posted a couple things on our Social Media pages, and updated the Build Master Track sheets ( Shown above ). Tomorrow should be fun as we are in our Midterms this week. Now off to get a little sleep before school…