All Aboard! Next Stop ... HOGWARTS!

Hey folks!

Quick update!

I am excited to announce that I have recently accepted a short contract through Randstad to join the WB Games San Francisco family as a Production Coordinator to help ship their awesome mobile AR title they are working on with Niantic (the PokemonGo creators) called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite!

This will be an incredible opportunity to contribute my efforts into an amazing project while at the same time getting to work with and learn from an incredibly talented team. I will be contributing to helping oversee the audio production pipeline as well on taking many other tasks such as maintaining project plans, updating documentation, communicating with teams outside our studio, tracking deliverables, following-up, playtesting events and more.

The first few weeks of work have been amazing! Everyone is so passionate about this project, there are so many moving parts, and everyone is more than happy to answer any of my questions!

I am also proud to announce that I have been officially sorted!

I am a proud ... HUFFLEPUFF!

It is also awesome that I am able to work among some of my fellow Telltale and Conference Associate family! I have already learned a lot and I can't wait to contribute more!

We've even already had our holiday party! Check out a few photos from my first couple of days at work and the company Christmas party!

Check out the for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite website and sign up today and check out all the cool videos and links below!

Below are our social media links keep up to date with all Harry Potter: Wizards Unite updates!

Official Website





Thank you all again for your wonderful support and following me!

Don't forget that there are a TON of people across the industry who were laid off this year that are still looking for jobs! Jam City, Telltale, Day Break, Capcom... this list goes on and on. 

PLEASE spread the word and help our friends land on their feet!

If you are reading this, and in need of help yourself, don't be afraid to reach out to me!

Until next time ...

Cheers everyone!

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