Windows 7 - Microsoft Security Essentials Freezes On Full Scan

I ran into this issue of the MSE Full scan always stopping at a particular file in the Windows\Installer\$PatchCache$\ folder on my Windows 7 OS PC. It seemed odd to me as I had never had this issue before.

After having tried a couple different things and searching through some forums, it seems that after disconnecting my internet connection before scanning, allowed for me to fully run through the full scan. Apparently, after reading another blog, MSE takes up a lot of bandwidth while running a full scan as they are collecting system and file information during this process in order to provide a better Malware and Virus protection software. 

Now remind you that when this happened when I was not at my home and was at another location connected to that house's internet. I don't why this is, and it's awfully strange to me why this was happening because the internet connection isn't that bad here. I have even streamed on Twitch before at this house, so it makes no sense to me why that would be the issue. 

I plan on looking into this further and seeing if when I get home and hard line my towers connection instead of using the wireless, to test it again. I will make sure to revisit this post, and update it as necessary if anything changes.


Looks like even when I am home and also hard lined in, that is STILL freezes. This time, oddly enough on a different file. Which leads me to believe that its not a particular file. Again, I had to close out the MSE through the task manager. Then it would not allow me to open it back up again until I rebooted the computer. After I restart, I then make sure to disconnect my internet, and when I run the full scan again, everything works fine.

Now I am going to have to do some more research, and see if I can't fix the problem. There has got to be a better solution than to have to disconnect from your internet just to run a full scan. I will post another update to this post once I have resolved this issue. Posting the post on the post ya know? lol.

**UPDATE #2**

So after giving up on trying to fix the problem, I simply un-installed MSE and re-installed it and BOOM! It worked! Full scan, online and all, just fine. If anyone is having this issue and nothing seems to be working for you. If un-installing and re-installing it dose not work. Anyway, I hope this post helps someone at least. Thanks for reading!

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