My Career just became a Riot!


I am ...
officially ...
a ...

I am very excited to announce that I've accepted an offer from Riot Games and will be starting in the beginning of October! 

I'll be entering the world of live operations of Riot as their new Technical Program Manager II, Live Operations!

Needless to say, this is absolutely exciting on so many levels for me! Riot Games was formed when I graduated High School when I only dreamed about being a game developer. I find it kind of ironic to grow together side-by-side all these years and it's been amazing watching their success from the sidelines!

Plus, in recent years, Riot now has entered into mobile games, an FPS, a digital CCG, tabletop games, and even MORE exciting games on the way! Like their upcoming MMORPG and Fighting games! :O Riot is even getting involved with publishing (Riot Forge) as well as other projects with music, TV, and film too. The future ahead is bright!

There is just SO much to be excited about this opportunity, I could type for DAYS, but I won't! lol... 

Here's what I'll be doing ... !

Job Description:

Technical Program Managers are delivery leaders at Riot! I will be leading teams to provide player value through work systems and practices. While driving internal agreement and accountability for teams and development organizations, I'll be focusing on improvement.

As a Technical Program Manager within Riot Live Operations, I will oversee all aspects of delivery throughout the development life cycle. I will be embedded on teams and work with teams as the execution arm for engineering and program management. My work will ensure that our teams can fulfill our commitments to Infrastructure Platform and Riot Games.

I report directly to the Director, Technical Program Management.


  • Work with the Engineering Managers to accomplish team roadmap and fulfill the vision of Live Operations
  • Assess the team's health, and composition, striving for cohesion and delivery excellence.
  • Manage development schedules and workflows, while raising risks, managing trade-offs, and eliminating blockers.
  • Assess a team's current situation and adapt planning processes, and communication channels to ensure successful, sustainable, and reliable delivery.
  • Create transparency and predictability with roadmaps, planning, and active risk management.
  • Help guide team agreement on decisions and ensure that appropriate resources are employed.
  • Organize conversations with teams and bring resolutions to issues.
  • Create and own informational status reports for high visibility programs.

I very much look forward to contributing my efforts to ensuring our teams are happy, healthy, all while having fun providing our players with the best experience possible! Riot is filled with the world's top talent, and I am very eager to start learning and growing from all the leaders and developers around me! 

I can't wait to start !!! :)

The future career quest awaits me...

Onward!!! :)

*Gigantic Riot sized Fist Bump for all of YOU!*

Took a picture outside the office recently while looking for apartments. :)

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