First few ideas for a RPG/Puzzle style game.

Game Name ideas: Vault X , Depths Unknown, Vault of Longevity, Era Unknown

Storyline: Takes place around the 30th century ( can be whatever )

A story of a how mankind killed itself with technology. As our advances in technology grew, so did the need for power. People were developing virtual weapons capable of things never seen before. Virtual weaponry with the capabilities of elemental power, and  crazy new armor made the rich and powerful and military almost superhero like! The middle class and poor eventually became one class and they resorted to Chemistry and using their environment for survival and protection from the rich! The had capabilities of making homemade explosives, toxic bombs, and were experts in hand to hand combat and have been know how to make something out of nothing, and were good at training creatures and animals. Others resorted to gangs, crime, and mafia militia type organizations. Became experts in picking locks, booby traps, sneak, silent crossbow skills. Unfortunately since this caused a huge interest with the Military, and everyone wanted in on this technology. Eventually, all the great technology always ends up in the wrong hands, and evil spread it all directions. Huge wars began to break. Countries started using deadly viruses as mass weapons, even on their own people.It seemed like no way out and people started looking for a way to survive. Only place to go, was underground, which became known as peoples vaults. But with survival came security. And people became very good at making sure people would not get near their vaults. Eventually, with war out of control and with crime uncontrollable, most of the world depleted into nothing. Food turned scarce and things became desperate. People went nuts and some resorted to cannibalism. With everyone that survived,each day underground was a struggle. YEARS GO BYE. People with any skills and knowledge are valuable. Legends stir around the land of a Vault the military in the United States that was built before the major wars broke out, that has unlimited grown resources, shelter, medicine, and all the latest technology. A place so huge it could save humanity. Only the brave have tried. And no one has found this, and the search has made some people believe that there is no hope. But there are a few brave souls still out there who find it their destiny to find ( this garden of Eden or whatever name ) military Vault.

Heros: 3 different characters ( each with own storyline and background and different expertise, that will end with an epic battle at the end where all the stories will meet )  < —- just an idea

Antagonists: Unknown creatures who only come out at night

        All the chemicals from the war created in-human like creatures.

        Cannibal gangs


        Boss fights

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