MATC - Nursing Simulator !

Photo: From Downtown MATC’s Nursing Simulation Lab

So here is a little update on my life and school!

IT DEV-110 Class we are continuing to work chapter by chapter very slowly. A little confused but still trying to work through it.

CSG-110 Is going well! Brock and Jake have been working hard on a storyline and characters as they are the best writers on the team. Brock even has a art student under our belt to help with concept art for our game!

CSG 115 This is going to be interesting. Making a Nursing simulator for MATC’s nursing students to use in their curriculum. We are in the opening stages but this class project has quickly turned in to a serious project. Stephanie is looking into getting funding for our project from MATC’s top executives! Looks like I am currently working on the first project for my resume. I have currently been to one simulation, another simulation room, and then tomorrow I will be going to Carol College to record and take photos of students doing their simulation. With the help of Brock, we now have a great connection with Carol.

Game Logic and Problem Solving is going well! Currently working on chapter 4 review questions. Also have my first project due in two weeks! I have to write out a pseudo code for the board game Battleships! Should be interesting!

Mothership has been interesting to start getting it off the ground but we are trying!

Other than that, add work, bills, and trying to get married into all of that and you have the story of my life ..

I need a secretary …

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