Another Productive Day!

So after some help trying to figure out Joomla, I am starting to learn a little more each day. It still needs a lot of work, but I will be updating as I learn. Its been a while since I have had to deal with webpages. Joomla on the other hand is a completely other story.  The link to our Student Organizations homepage.

But learn something new everyday I guess, lol.

School was productive today. Spent more time in Lerpz, considering I have to turn it in again for Game Logic and Problem solving, I am adding a random boss, at a very high point of the map. Well attempting too atleast, lol. Couldn’t get him animated right. Will figure that out as he is due Monday.

Unity was crashing on me a lot today, although I did find some really good assets today to use for our Nursing Simulator. My team, 414 Games, has been hard at work on 3DS Max, GUIs, Sounds, Scripts, animating, etc. Not too shabby for 1st semester students. Still crazy nervous though. Although, it seems to get easier each and every week. Its this thing called learning. Crazy concept. lol

Well above all, got another crazy week ahead of me. Monday I will be pitching my first game. Ahhh … lol. So Jake, James and myself, yes the three J’s, lol, will be shooting the pitch to our Professor and his Company.  I am in charge of the Value propositions portion with 3 of the 8 slides. As well as making the Game Box Art.

Oooo 5 hour energy. I just may have to upgrade to No-Dose lol.

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