Brain Explosion Commence

Well today was another long day! Woke up and started studying up on some C#. Then went to MATC to help out another CSG class on their project because they do not have any programmers. Yes, I am crazy enough to try and take on yet another project. I plan on trying to learn from it as well. Well, I was under the impression that they were working on their projects. Which they were, but, they never even finished the Lerpz tutorial. Which totally blew my mind considering our class had to have had it finished already. So spent most of the class period trying to fix everyone’s Lerpz because they still have to turn it in. Hopefully next class period I will have better answers to some the problems as I have to go back through Lerpz and look over everything to try and remember how I fixed all my compiler errors. Was not expecting to deal with Lerpz when I got to class, lol.  Other than that, got to get up at a decent time tomorrow to be at another Leadership meeting at MATC.

Other than that, researching numbers on companies for Blackwood Studios, working on C# assignment, Nursing simulator, and whatever comes next for Game Logic. Plus still trying to figure out Joomla for our MATC Mothership page, which I don’t think I ever will. Its really damn confusing. I am most likely going to build it from scratch with Dreamweaver or something.

Bed time, brain is melllltttiinngggg

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