School Update !

So another day of school , another load of work to do. Still have tomorrow’s class and Thursdays.

My C# programming class is going a little better, but still having to teach myself online a little. Today we were on Visual Studios messing around with Methods. We have a quiz coming up soon…Still have a lot to learn …

My CSG Production class went really well today. Our team seems to be on the right track. I turned in reports on 3 different Games that were somewhat related to what we were doing. As well as made a 14 page document with Video Game metric resources and information. We are all hard at work trying to get our 8 slide Pitch together for our game. ( Above is one of our artists concept art ) We are still having trouble coming up some accurate metrics to help us with our pitch. Been searching the internet up and down myself, and have found good information on the Video game industry, but really hard to find specifics. I have been assigned to do 3 of the slides which will include our value propositions.

Currently downloading 3DS Max, Blender, and Bootstrap. As I need to help start building for our MATC Virtual Nursing Simulation, and build our Student organizations website (Mothership).

And tomorrow starts another day, and another work load.

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