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CSG 110 - Blackwood Studios

Well our surveys our taking off pretty well. We should have over 200 by the next class period. Although today class was canceled, I think our professor will be impressed with what we have accomplished on our own. We have to have a Presentation ready to pitch here soon, and we need actual statistics backing up our game idea. So while some of the teams working hard crunching numbers, others are researching game companies, while some our gathering concept art for our pitch slide.

CSG 115 - 414 Games

Well the Nursing Simulator is coming along slowly but surely. I really don’t know how to get the rest of the team motivated. There are a few motivated individuals but not everyone is giving it their all. Some of us have been hard at work gathering information, and working on Unity. I have been trying to relay information from our client as much as possible and trying to gather assets to use. We still need a lot built, and tomorrow in class I will be going over to the simulation students classes to try and find someone to help us build some of these items. Still have so much work to do here, got to keep on working hard ….

IT DEV 110 -

Well , I guess we are on pace as much as we can be. I really need to learn everything I can about C#. I feel a little lost, but it gets a little easier everyday. Although from what I hear, we are way behind than the other C# class. Really got to study and work on assignments to better my knowledge.

Game Logic and Problem Solving -

Have our first big test coming up tomorrow. Feel really lost here because our class is so far behind in C#, I feel like I am almost back wards with my learning process. Like I should be farther along in C# than my Game logic class. But above all I am giving It my hardest shot. Time to study !

MATC Mothership

Finally got access to the webpage. Now I have to refresh myself on my web development skills. Other than that, this organization is proving rather difficult to get off the ground.

You add work , bills, dental work, and my fiancé. You have the story of my life right now. And I pretty much don’t have one lol

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