Agile Game Development

Link: Agile Game Development

Essentially what we learned in class today was similar to the video above, and it is actually my main professor speaking at UWM about game development. Agile is new to the Midwest but has been a west coast way of developing games efficiently.

We will be learning about Agile and SCRUM throughout the rest of the semester. I actually enjoyed todays class a lot, as we went over a lot of interesting information. I was always curious about how games were developed and the process it takes to build one. It’s a lot of work! Way more than your thinking, I can guarantee it.

Other than that, I just got downloading a new Asset for our nursing simulator, which has everything from a Save/Load system, Dialogue system, to NPC relationship status’s, C# code, and much more. We really have to focus on 3 EPIC’s of our Simulator and get them accomplished by the end of the semester. I am getting nervous each and every day! I just want to do a good job! So hard ….

Been watching tutorial videos on C#, reading Hermetic Alchemy, learning the gameplay of Magic the Gathering, VoZ, and Boss Monster.

Also I worked a little bit on the Pseudo code for the Lerpz project in Game Logic and Problem Solving.