Poker Planning n Agile

Another day down in the books!

Went to my C# class in a lot of pain this morning, but it gradually wore off. Still got to make a appointment to have this broken tooth taken care of soon! Tooth pain is the worst!

Had completed another C# assignment yesterday night. Starting to catch on a little bit, but there is still so much to be learned.

Learned a lot more about Agile Development in my Intro class today.

User Story

A User Story is taking one of your features, putting it on the front of an index card, or sticky notes, and test specifications on the back of the card.

The front of the card should read like this:

As a (User Type) I want (Feature Name) so that (Define Value)

The cards or notes should then be arranged on the walls, or tables, to facilitate planning and discussion. This keeps the team discussing the features, instead of reading emails, or sending texts. Discussion is the key to success. Not only with your team, but with your consumers as well.

Then the Poker Planning comes into play.

Poker planning is a consensus-based technique for estimating the amount of tasks attached to each User story using the Fibonacci numbering system. Members will be able to give there own opinion on what they think is important from least to most. Then the Product owner reveals the highest and lowest of each User Story, and discusses with the team why. Then, the final decision is made on what story has the most tasks (100) and which has the least amount of tasks (1).

Then teams will split up evenly to attempt to complete these tasks that they believe they can complete by the end of that particular sprint.

Well besides that, just finished up my Pseudo-code project for my Game Logic and Problem solving class for the game Lerpz. Will polish them up before they are due tomorrow in class.

Now i am just stressing out over this Nursing Simulator. I really am out of way’s to try and get the team motivated. Some of us are, but there is a lot of frustration going around, due to the lack of our skills. Which is no ones fault. But, if everyone is like me. When i am assigned a task, i try and give it my best shot and i don’t like failing. It’s just really hard not only assigning tasks for people to do, but assigning those tasks, when i have no knowledge of the task i am giving them, is not easy. We are at a point on our build where everything that gets put into the Game will be things we have recently learned or taught ourselves. But, hopefully the team comes together and have something to show at the end of the Semester as it closes in on us soon!


Work schedule is slammed packed this week! :( lol I cant wait for the day when i can finally leave the service industry and join a game development team full time.

More exciting news to come this week hopefully! :)

Until next time !

'Stay Classy'

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