C # Tutorial and More ...

Link: C # Tutorial

Well another day in paradise, lol.

Actually got some sleep today! Woke up excited to watch the Packer game, only to be completely disappointed, as they played like complete garbage today. Then, went into work early to help out a fellow employee behind the bar before my actual shift at 5.

Now I’ve been working on a few things for Blackwood, trying to find out how we are going to switch our pitch idea as a Horror to as a Survival Adventure, tweaking the Game Box Art and such.

Been watching a lot of tutorials on C#, as I’ve said before I am a visual learner. This is helping me out way more than the classroom, or by reading the book. Its hard learning another language by reading it, lol.

Other than that, I expect another busy week, as I have a summit to attend this weekend out at the UW Whitewater campus for some workshops! Got to clean up my FiancĂ©’s laptop to bring with! A lot of the local Gaming industry teachers will be attending, like MIT, which will be cool to network a little to see what the more prestige colleges are doing with gaming. Excited !

My Mom’s best friend, who is pretty much like an Aunt to me, is getting married on Friday as well. So I will have to rush down from Whitewater right after the summit gets out to make the wedding reception at least! So that will be interesting …

Well other than that, life is just dandy. Its during times like these I wish I had the power from the Adam Sandler movie “Click”. Just want to pause the world for like 5 days. Sleep, eat, relax, play video game, and catch up on school work! Looks like I am off to the “Beyond” section at Bed Bath and Beyond!

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