School Progress Update Y'all !

Had to throw together a quick “concept” box art game case for my production class, as we have our first pitch presentation in front of our Professor. Our class was split into two teams, and we were to use the Business Model Canvas to come out with a game idea. Whichever team has the best pitch, wins. Then both teams will come together and spend the rest of school making the game. Nerve wrecking!

Also have to try and get another C# assignment done, as I don’t want to be doing all the assignments at the last minute to turn them in. Plus still trying to learn C# for this class is helping me learn how to script better in Unity 3D. Although a lot of it is Java, so it gets confusing sometimes.

The Nursing Simulator is coming along slowly unfortunately. As our skill sets and knowledge are slowly thinning out, I am finding my team and I going over a lot of tutorial videos, trying really hard on how to figure this out. I knew this was going to be a challenge, but it is just really hard trying to get a team of students, one day a week, to build something none of us have ever attempted. We are suppose to be working on it throughout the week obviously, but I feel like only some are motivated. I have a lot of weight on my shoulders with this one, and I really want to do a good job on this project.

Have to turn in Lerpz again in my Game Logic class. Have been working on trying to add a little boss battle at the highest point of the map. Been having difficulties with the enemy controller and scripting. Been watching tutorials.

Also have to update the Motheship webpage again when I get back home, as we are going to be having a Magic the Gathering tournament during Game Club to try and raise a little money for are Student Organization.

Well off to work … rents due today ugh …

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