A Little Life, A Little Dev Life

Picture above: A blast from the past! Me on the USS Simpson FFG 56, The gun is a MK 25

Well another crazy day down for the count. Had some pretty terrible tooth pain these last couple of days. Which lead to a really weird sinus infection, and headaches. I have had this broken tooth for a while now and it was only a matter of time until it started causing problems. So I went in to referred Doctors office and was thinking i was just going to through an normal exam process and setting up and appointment to do the root canal considering it was my first time seeing this Doctor. Boy was i wrong, lol! He says ” Are you ready?”. I responded ” For what? You want to do this now>” LOL. So as i really had no choice, as i really needed it done.

So i had to go into work today after having just been through a root canal. Remind you that i serve and bar tend at a restaurant. That was fun!

Other than that, i did manage to make up some User Stories for Blackwood Studios. As well as work on some C# programming , and some social media work.

Been catching up on some reading on the Hermetic Alchemy book as well. It is definitely a really interesting book to read, and gets more interesting as i read. Also been playing some MTG Online 2014 to start learning the mechanics again of table top games.

Tomorrow is going to be another busy day! I am going to meet with one of the TV guys at MATC, to ask him if you could film us during our student demo night. As well as the Global Game Jam event which wont be till next year, but better to plan it out now. So that should be interesting! :)

Then after that play-testing, and then after that work!

Going to be a fun day again!

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