Computer Simulation & Gaming Update

Picture above: The Nursing simulator that my student team 414 Games is developing

Simulation is coming along. We has gotten a few more things built. We are currently in the last 3 weeks, and we need to put in as much as we can until time runs out. But for first semester students who only meet once a week in class, and have out of class online meetings. I think we are doing pretty well. It is going to be interesting to see where this project takes me after the semester is over, as MATC would love for me to continue working on this.

I have to turn in another Quiz for C# programming on Monday. I had started it today, as well as been doing some tutorials but i had to catch up on some house work, laundry and bills. I will finish it hopefully tomorrow before i go back to work to close the bar :(

O well, i need the money as the holidays are coming up.

Blackwood Studios is still in the process of learning User stories, Poker planning, and SCRUM. As well as making sure our final pitch has every bit of information it needs. Our team lead is going to be the one speaking for us, and he is going to do a dry run in class this Monday to get some feed back from the team.

For my Game Logic and Problem solving class, i am currently writing a script of code, that allows the user to hit a button to change the colors on the cubes we had made the week before. I was working on it a bit more yesterday and somehow managed to screw it all up. But i actually got it working normally again, just had to basically start over. I will be finishing that these next couple of days as well, since its due Tuesday. Then i have to start working on the big final project! It is a big psuedocode, flowchart, and programming project. More details to come later!

Mothership is having a Magic the Gathering tournament again during Gameclub on Monday. We gave a short notice the last time we ran one and still had people show. So i am hoping for a decent turn out this time around. Other than that, the Mothership group is going to Raven Software Studios out in Madison to do a little tour! Going to be fun! We are also in the middle of handing out raffle tickets for a $200 grand prize to help support our organization. As i am in charge of social media, i have been trying to keep up with keep information all up to dat on our webpage.

Besides all of that, i have also been doing some more social media work for Visions of Zosimos. Polishing the Tumblr site, as well as posting a few things on FB, Tumblr, Reddit, etc. I am still learning the mechanics of the game, and all the development tools available to help me in my Social media work. Looking forward to play testing this Thursday. Still learning all the other social media sites as well.

And on top of all of that, if you read up on my blogs, you would know i had a urgent root canal done last week. Well, my fiance woke up with morning, and now she needs a urgent root canal! Lol. What the hell is going on! Ahhh! ….

Now with Christmas, end of semester, and new year just around the corner. I think i just may go a little crazy! :) So much to do, not enough time. So much to buy, not enough money.

And now its time for some shut eye … maybe when i wake up ill be rich!

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