Colors and Blocks Oh My!

Picture Above: A Scripting assignment for my Game Logic and Problem Solving class.

Another long week down, another long week to go… 

School went smoothly this week, although i was in a lot of pain this past week because of my tooth. I has to get a urgent root canal done on Wednesday, then go to work hours later the same day! My face was still numb when I went into work! You got to do what you got to do sometimes!

Been working on our Poker planning, and User Stories for our CSG Intro class. Everyone had to come up with there own User Stories based off of our top 3 Epics. We are currently voting on everything to have ready for the next class period. Right now i am just waiting for access on the document so i can enter my votes. We have been learning a lot these past few weeks, as Agile Development is not an easy topic to learn. We all still have a lot to learn! :)

My C# programming class was interesting as we were playing catch up due to class being canceled the week prior. Been waiting for him to post up a new Quiz we are suppose to turn in on Monday, but nothing has been posted yet. I still have about 2 - 3 more assignments to finish before the semester is over. Been having to do a lot of self teaching by doing tutorial videos on C#. Currently working on a C# tutorial for video games and Unity.

We actually got some functionality into our Nursing Simulator for my CSG Production class. Team has really been coming together these past few weeks as we come up on the end of the semester. Although, i feel like not everyone is as motivated outside of class as some. I believe we should be proud with what we have accomplished so far. I really just wish some of the team would put forth a little more effort outside of class. I will be working more on trial and error tests on the build tomorrow and after school Monday. I hope to have the patient, players hands and arms, and the NPC character in by the next class period. I know one of our team members has the Phone and Crash cart built for us that we will also be adding next class period.

Game Logic is going well, as you can see the picture posted above. We had a assignment in Unity. We has to create and attach scripts on to 10 different boxes, and apply different colors to each of them. I think the next class we will have to apply a functions that allows them to take color when you click on them, but i could be wrong. Either way, it is cool to learn and play around on Unity some more!

Mothership finally got the raffle tickets we have been waiting to get for weeks! Took our secretary a lot of running around and filling out paper work. We have a lot to sell! Grand prize is $200, so we have to at least sell $200 worth of tickets, lol, which i do not see being a problem. We also have a Minecraft night going on in Game Club this coming Monday. Our President actually set up the server a week or so ago, so people can get a head start on building before the event on Monday. Also, i actually meet with a guy from MPTV to come record us for our student Demo Day. I also gave him notice of the 2014 Global Game Jam as we will be wanting to do live streaming as well. Always good to get things set up in advance. Crazy how much networking i have been doing just as a first semester student. It is awesome making connections within the MATC community.

Besides having a busy work week at Bonefish Grill, I have been hard at work for my new internship promoting Visions of Zosimos. I am new to the team, and was trying my best to help promote the Alpha Testing this weekend. Now that I am apart of the team, I am going to have to make sure I am going to all the next upcoming events. Very excited to be apart of this!

Well that is enough for now … Until next time !

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