Updatin and Waitin'

Picture: Diablo 3 New Expansion RoS artwork
Why? Because! That's why!

Whew, another productive day. I had been invited to a meeting with my client for the Nursing simulator, and one of the Deans at MATC to talk about what we have been doing in class. Then the online meeting with the 414 Game crew. Looks like this Nursing Simulator is something I am going to continue to work on for years to come :) Which is awesome! On top of that, just continuing to work hard on some school work this weekend. Few things for Blackwood, few thing for this Nursing Sim, as well as starting on the Lerpz pseudo code. Going to be doing a lot of C# tomorrow as I feel like I have been slacking on that. I have to be up in a couple of hours to be at MATC’s open house to volunteer. Our student organization gets $300 for doing it if so many of us show up. I never thought I would be so involved so soon, but I can say one thing is for sure. I am so glad I experienced the military before going into College. Otherwise, my old self would have failed already miserably, lol. Until next time ….

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