Codin and Jamin

Picture: A Program I typed up while doing a tutorial learning C#

So today was another busy day as usual. Started off with retrospectives for our Production class. Overall were not doing too bad considering our knowledge and what we have accomplished so far. We just have to really focus these next few days, as we need the best looking MVP we can produce.

Game logic class went accordingly, with us having to turn in a Pseudopod project on the Lerpz tutorial. I am definitely doing a flow chart. Then going to attempt to write out some pseudo code. Then that way I have something to turn in at least, as we can do either or.

Worked a little bit on updating our student organizations website. Check out the link next to my Profile picture!

Having to start to get ready for next years Global Game Jam, and getting the information out there so we have a solid team! If you don’t know what GGJ is here is the link;

Other than that, just lot’s of work to do!

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