MATC Open House!

Well today was yet another a long and crazy day…

Started off with being at MATC Downtown for their Open House @ 730 am.

Which was pretty cool, as we had a chance to interact with possible future students who are interested with our program. Was pretty cool to talk about it, as I feel it made me appreciate the program more. Showed some people the Oculus Rift. Everyone who tried it, left with a big smile on their face.

Then went from there to go home and get things going on Homework. Only to get a phone call that my step father had been rushed to the ER. Thank god he is okay, as he only passed out due to his blood pressure medication. But I was going to have hold off on school work, as I was almost going to head out to Beaver Dam to visit him, but I ended up not having to as he is okay.

Had a team member over at my place this evening to help with C# as I feel like I have been slacking on that. Although it was kind of like the Blind teaching the Blind, lol. Started doing some video tutorials on C# online, as I am a way better visual learner that reading out of the book.

Other than that, just dipping into a little school work there, and a little school work here.

Going to be learning SCRUM management these next few weeks which is going to be interesting!

Been an extremely long day, and I have been slacking on sleep. Hopefully I can get a good nights rest for the busy week ahead!

Until Next time…

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