So ... So tired ...

Well today was yet another productive day, and was up early as usual. Toilet had been leaking so I had to get that replaced. Went and supported a friends family with their new small business, and since I have not seen them in a while, it was nice to catch up a little. Worked on the Pitch our team has coming up on Monday. Pretty much have the slides done, and all the information I need. Updated the Game Case a little as I’ve been receiving critiques on it. Just focusing the rest of the time on what exactly I want to say, as well as staying familiar with my part so I am as knowledgeable as possible by Monday.

Nursing simulator still is pretty much in the same boat. I am going to continue to work on that all night Monday night. ( After the Packers and Bears game of course )  8)

C# programming is coming slowly but surely as well. Unfortunately MATC’s login has been acting up, as well as there blackboard. So I haven’t been able to see the next assignment I should be working on. Hopefully they will have it up tomorrow. In the mean time, still just reading through C# for dummies and taking notes ;p

The only thing I have to do for my Game Logic class is update the 3D Game Lerpz that I made in a tutorial. Which I am going to continue to work on Monday night.

Above all, I am tired!. Hopefully with daylight savings time, I will notice this extra hour of sleep!

Until next time …

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