1st Semester Recap: Game Logic and Problem Solving (CSG 117)

This has also been one of my harder classes. It almost seemed i should have been farther ahead in C#, as it would of made this class easier to understand. But i managed to make due, and i actually performed pretty well in this class. We did a lot of Pseudocode, flow charts, and some scripting. Our final project is due tomorrow, and it consists of a FPS scenario with two eniemes. We have to either turn in a Flowchart, Psuedocode, or actual program with the directions we were given. We only have to turn in one of those, but if we do more, we can recieve extra credit. I have completed the Flowchart, and some of the Psuedocode, but am planning to finish that tonight so i can clear up some time to work on the finishing touches for my other school project. Above all, this class deffinetly made you put your thinking cap on, and how to think logically. If you think it is easy making Video games, all you need is to take this class, and i promise you will change your mind. Learned alot though! :)

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