1st Semester Recap: Mothership

From the beginning we had a huge turn out! We are now at only around 6 people. I thought comming into this program with all the other students, that there would of been a better turn out for this Student Organization. I was voted in, and am the Media coordinator for this organization. I can see why the last semester of students failed at getting Mothership off the ground. For those of you who don’t know, Mothership is the Student Chapter for the IDGA and is the only chapter in Milwaukee. With that being said, for someone who wants to get into the game industry, it would only make sense to be apart of this organization. We ran a few events during Game Club such as Magic tournaments, Minecraft night, and even a Raffle with a $200 prize! I think the coolest thing we did though as a group was when we went and visited Raven Software out in Madison. They recently worked on the new COD Ghosts game, as they are owned by Activision. Got a glimpse into what my furure looks like if i accomplish my goals! Above all i am glad i am apart of this student organization, and am looking forward to the upcoming semesters!