1st Semester Recap: Production (CSG 115)

I deffintely enjoyed this class, as we actually got to make some games! Using Unity 3D i made Lerpz using a tutorial, and then we were split into two teams. We actually took on real clients. The team i was assigned to, and ended up being product owner for, was a Nusing Simulation. MATC’s Nursing department actually want’s a “computer” simulated nursing game that the students can access via the internet. That way they can practice at home or as a study guide, and be better prepared for when the go into the actual live simulation.

The scope of this project for our teams level of expertise is completely out of our leauge but with what our team has accomplished so far, i am very happy. We still have all night and early tomorrow before the MVP is due to our intstuctor for our final project grade.

Then Thursday is Student Demo Day, which our Client will be at to witness what we have accomplished this semester for this first time! Very nerve wrecking! >.<

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