So Many Updates, So Little Time

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Wow what another busy day today! :)

First off i turned in my C# quiz today after the teacher let everyone out early. Still confused on how the rest of the semester will go considering we don’t even know our grades, lol. We shall see!

My Fiance came and visited me during lunch, and got to sit in on our “Dry Run” pitch for Blackwood. Our pitch presentation went extremely well compared to our last “dry run”. Our team lead James did an awesome job presenting it! I guess i have to work on some grammatical errors for the Game Box Art, lol. We also need to come up with an idea that will make our game stand out from other survival games. Got to have everything polished soon, as our final pitch will be in front of actual game industry professionals, and we are up against 3 other teams. >.<

Other than that Game Club was fun! Turned in the Raffle tickets i have sold so far. We are almost to our point of breaking even! Which is awesome as we only have one more week to sell tickets. Played some Boss Monster, and watched the Live Twitch feed on Visions of Zosimos. Been helping out spread the word about VoZ on social media for my internship! It’s a lot of fun! Our CEO Emil actually boosted a post today, which got near 4,000 views before the day went out! Crazy. I am going to come up with an idea, where when we get 1,000 likes on FB. Hmmm …

Came home, spent some time with the Fiance, as she had a root canal done today! I know, crazy right! I just had one two weeks ago! I guess we were just meant for each other! :)

Been working on my Box project for Game Logic and Problem Solving class. We had to create a controller script within Unity that will store each of the cubes in an array. Each cube should start off white and have a method which changes the color to the color we originally had it in our last assignment. Inside the controller script we have to add a function which calls a cube from the array, and turns on and off the color but pushing an assigned button.

Helped out a team mate on the Nursing Simulator tonight due to some technical issues with Unity. Unity 3D is so touchy when it comes to importing and exporting projects.

It not only has been a busy day, its about to be a busy week!

Between work, school, and my Father coming into town and staying with us. I just might fit some sleep somewhere in there! Got to clean up the apartment!

Also our student organization Mothership is going to Madison Friday to watch a presentation from Raven Software. Excited! 8)

Anyway, time to get some shut eye for the extremely long day and week ahead.

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