Welcome to Raven Software!

Above Picture: Raven Software in Madison, WI

Had an awesome time this past Friday with my student organization Mothership. We went to visit Raven Software for a little presentation and tour of the studio! They talked to us about what they look for when hiring and what we should be doing if we want to make it into the Game Industry. They recently just worked on the new Call of Duty Ghost game, as well as many other titles. It was an awesome experience as i got to see a glimpse into my possible future. It definitely makes me want to work even harder in school and at my internship! Couldn't take very many pictures as we were under NDA.

I haven’t been working on much school work this week as my Father is visiting from out of town and is staying with me. I only get to see him about 1 to 2 times a year, so its always good spending time with him when i can.

I am going to have to stay up late tonight to catch up on some work.

Tomorrow is one of our Final pitches for Blackwood Game Studios “Polar Darkness”. Our last dry run went around 6 minutes, so hopefully we can reach that 5 minute mark, and have a solid pitch ready.

Mothership is drawing the winner during lunch tomorrow for our raffle drawing we had been doing these past couple of weeks. The winner will receive $200 cash, which is an awesome prize considering the holidays are coming up!

Also have to catch up on my C# homework as usual. Still seem lost in all of this, but i cant say i didn’t learn anything. It has just been a huge struggle trying to teach my self complex algorithm’s. Still have a couple more assignments to do before the semester is over. I am not quite sure what my teacher has planned for the rest of the Test’s and quizzes we were suppose to have taken when we have only 2 weeks left of class.

The Nursing Simulation is coming along slowly but surely. I am just hoping the team and i can accomplish some functionality in the game. We are currently working on the Patient animations, interactions, dialogue, and ray casting. Ray casting is proving to mighty difficult to learn, but we have to figure out something before the semester is over. Although, MATC would like me to work on this project after this semester is over, I still have to figure all of that out as well.

Have a pretty intense final project in my Game Logic and Problem Solving class due in a week. I am going to do draw out my flow chart first, and then attempt to write the Psuedocode for it.

Been working a little here and there on Social media for my Internship with the game Visions of Zosimos. Trying to spread the word out there as we need Alpha testers for our upcoming event. Still have lot’s to learn, but i am learning new things each and every day. Social Media is crazy !

Well it is going to be another long work week, so no more babbling !

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