GGJ 2014 ! ! !

Global  Game Jame 2014 was awesome!

When things got kicked off and everyone was set up, we were split into groups and each had their own rooms. We were the “Freshman” team, and we were up against a juniors, seniors, and a couple teams from a local University. At the end, everyone got to vote for their favorite game.

I was on the “noob” team considering this was my first game jam, :).

We were given 48 hours, the topic, and a list of diversities we could implement into our game for more points, to make a video game.

Considering we have barley any experience on the team, we decided to complete a full working board game first, and if we had time, try to build it in Unity3D.

We came up with the idea of Cat Nip Tails through collaboration, revolving around the theme and diversities listed below.


"We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are."


You Only Live Thrice:The player only has 3 lives and each level starts over when you die.

Homo Sapiens are Boring:The game is meant to be played by cats.

Can You Come And Play?:The game has a local multi-player mode

Round and Round:Rotation is one of the primary mechanics in the game

Now even though that was only 4, we could only check off 4 on the GGJ website. But i do believe we hit around 7 out of 10.

Out of the 48 hours, i believe i slept for around 3 to 4 hours. :) Beast mode!

I was definitely prepared though, as i brought tons of energy drinks and snacks for the team.

Things i helped out with the team:

- Collaborating and play testing during the whole design process. We had a lot of good designers on the team, and transparency.

-Purchased materials and nice print outs for the game board and pieces.

-Pretty much maintained the build on Unity, as the Artists on our team were rock stars! I guess you could say i was the build master! I polished everything in the engine as they were given to me, and made the credit screen and start menu at the last few minutes of the jam. I was literally in Unity crunching away till the last second! :)

But after all the effort, and almost completing the game in Unity….

We managed to pull it off, and win our local GGJ competition in Milwaukee! The “freshman” team got the most votes ! Crazy ! 

I never thought i would win, especially after watching what the other teams had accomplished. There were a lot of good games to choose from!

But, huge thanks to everyone who voted for us! I for one appreciate it!

Also huge thanks to the entire team ! It was one hell of an experience and everyone did an awesome job!

GGJ 2014 was a huge amount of fun, and shows you just how much can be accomplished in just a short period of time with determination and passion!

I am already excited for GGJ 2015 :)

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