Join us! Play VoZ!

Internship is going over well! Been handing out Alpha keys, and pretty much have set up Tumblr. I have been posting on Facebook, and Reddit as well. The picture above is something i set up so we have a weekly event every Saturday as we move onto Beta and so on.

We have been hitting Social media and marketing hard, trying to come up with ideas to promote our game. Everything from T-shirts to conventions.

I will be continuing to hand out keys, research analytic’s, watch over Facebook, Reddit, and both our Online Alpha communities for FB and Google+. I have also been tasked with getting the IndieDB site up and running again as it has not been update in a while. Will be doing this asap.

I will also continue to be play testing online, and paper prototyping on Fridays.

Been a little while since i have updated. Will keep up again now that school is back up!

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