Exile Recap!

Artist: Jake Bezrouk

We are officially half way through the semester, and you know what that means! Peer reviews, and Retrospectives! >.< We have had a rough start as a team, but we are working through the issues slowly buy surely. Things may change tomorrow, as people potentially can get fired. But i am not going to feel bad for anyone who does. I have been trying my best to make sure this dose not happen to me. It’s a lot to learn, and i am actually having fun with it! I hope after tomorrow, we start to hit the ground running!

Other than that, I’ve spent the past few hours updating the build with a few new items that were approved. I am waiting till tomorrow to post another build as things may come in last minute.

As far as what i have learned the beginning of the semester up until now:

 - Learning how to properly use Agile and SilCat

- Learning how to maintain Version Control, and sticking to pipelines.

- Updating and polishing the build as assets and what not are sent to me.

- Helping out the business team where i can, especially with social media.

- Learning how to organize my self better, to have a less stressful life lol.

Well, that is all for now.

Until next time …

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