Update on our Project for Oikose

So as our Student team progresses through development. Our Business Team has been hard at work. Our Business Lead Jesse came up with this video to try and help to get people to our community. It’s one of our Gorilla Marketing Strategies. I also showed Jesse Google’s new analytic’s tool called “Super Metrics”. It’s a Business Teams dream tool as it gathers all your social media metrics and brings them into one place. Still looking more into that.

Other than that, we poker planned our next Sprint out and it’s going to start tomorrow! Uh oh, 8 weeks left ! Time to DEV DEV DEV.

I really don’t want to fail this class and have to take it over because we can’t work as a team. But things have been way better these past few classes. We lost a decent amount of team members already from dropping out, which now leaves us with 3 programmers. :)

I get confused at times, because it’s like i am being told i should know how to build a game, but in reality I don’t. We all don’t. We are all noob developers. I agree with all the teaching methods don’t get me wrong, as i am much better at being graded based off performance than having to take tests and quizzes. But for those that have dropped out already, i can understand why. It’s rough. There is a lot expected of us, with little experience.

We can’t loose scope here these last few weeks so we can get a decent looking product done that will satisfy our instructor.

We have a really awesome team! We just need to focus!

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