Gorilla Attack!

We are experimenting with a new Gorilla Marketing Technique with Team Oikose, that my Instructor has master minded. Basically, we created the two Facebook communities above, Gamine Infinite, and Beat Em Up Tactics. Game Infinite brings you all news about anything games, and Beat Em Up Tactics is in place to attract the Beat Em Up Video gamers. The point of them is to start a community, and get people talking, involved and loyal to your opinion on your sites. Once you have established a supportive community, you trickle in news and updates about your own game on the sites. Check em out!



So since we are making a Beat Em Up, once we have more of a complete game, we will then have a supporting audience who loves beat em up games to show it off too. Interesting technique and i am curious to see how this pans out. :)


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