Fatal Error! Grr!

Can’t tell you how happy i’ll be when i don’t see this image again. I can say as being Build Master this semester I have learned a lot about Version Control, and how to maintain a build throughout a semester. If i could go back and do it again, i would do things a little differently to try and open the bottle neck in the pipeline. I would be stricter on my Track Sheets, as those helped me tremendously. I might set it up a little differently though. I would also make it a priority that everything better have been tested in Unity, before it reaches the Build Master.

Although this is only the beginning with Version Control, i still have alot to learn. I am glad i got this experience now, as it has really opened my eyes about Game Development. Through this, i have learned that i like to work inside the Engine piecing everything together. I had a lot of fun trying to learn all of this. One thing i wont miss is ….


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