Spawning the Spawns!

Learning how to spawn enemies was a huge part of my responsibility for this game. I had to work along side with my fellow programmers as they wrote the Enemy and Boss Scripts, to incorporate them into my Level Status Scripts. I made one script handling all the Event Triggers, and each event has their own script.

Each event spawns a different goblin, as well as a random amount between 2-3 enemies per event.

I had made the Boss Taunt Event, although it didn’t get into the final build. It was working when i play tested it, but when i got access to our Boss Zella, I found out that the way i had it set up, i would have to make a whole new Animation Controller just for the Taunt Boss Event. Which i could have accomplished but due to time constraints we decided to leave it out.

Then when i came to the final boss event, we were going to have it set up where there was a invisible wall the blocked the player from reaching Zella until she killed all the enemies. Although we didn’t get it working like we wanted, I set it up to where you couldn’t attack the boss until the enemies were dead. I had implemented this for the other events, which was when an enemy was in view, the screen would lock. Once all the enemies are dead, the screen locks back on to the player.

All in all, it was one tough script, and i couldn’t of done it without the help of Raid Plus, and my fellow team Programmers.

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