Usin' Unity Pro for Profiler

So as Build Master, i also had access to Unity Pro. Which was a fun, until i got home and didn’t have it any more lol. But learning how to use the Profiler properly, is definitely key in Game Development. I read in an document on Unity’s webpage that;

“Because of the way that rendering is handled on a separate chip (GPU), the time it takes to render a frame is not the time that the CPU takes plus the time that the time that the GPU takes, instead it is the longer of the two. That means that if the CPU is slowing things down, optimizing your shaders won’t increase the frame rate at all, and if the GPU is slowing things down, optimizing physics and scripts won’t help at all.

Often different parts of the game and different situations perform differently as well, so one part of the game might cause 100 millisecond frames entirely due to a script, and another part of the game might cause the same slowdown, but because of something that is being rendered. So, at very least, you need to know where all the bottlenecks are if you are going to optimize your game. “

Thanks to Mike C. and a few others, we learned that our Animation Controller was one of the main reasons we were having lag in our game. Before he had looked at it, i did fix a few issues, as i would research things that would spike in Profiler. It was continuously running though the death animation state i a big loop. So instead of having the death attached to idle, it is attached to Any State.

Another thing that I had to do was go through and add / delete sprites to create all the different colored Goblins. We had to rework these sprites many different times. Each action has a certain amount of frames, and you can shave down some response time by compressing the sprite animation. But if even one frame is off, it could throw the whole animation off. So, naturally an animator should be doing this, but i had to learn at some point, lol.

Huge thanks to Raid + and the guys that helped us try and resolve some of our issues.

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