Exile's Final Battle!

So the semester has come to an end, and our game was due recently! The team got together and did a Game Jam to get this game finished, and wow did we crunch hard. It was alot of work for me as i was the Build Master.

I was working on the Level Status Script for like 4 weeks. It ended up turning into around 9 scripts. I had to make sure all the events, enemy spawns, and boss scenarios all worked. It was a tough script to write, while trying to juggle all the assets thrown my way.

I spent countless hours up until the last minute to get this game to work. :)

We finally got a working exe running for MATC’s Portfolio Night which actually turned out to be a lot of fun. Everyone’s friends and family seemed to enjoy it! :)

Although the game is not exactly how we wanted it to turn out. We still managed to pull off a win / loss scenario MVP.

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