The Outcast Chronicles!

So this is what i have been working on in my Second Semester for two of my Classes. It’s a 2.5D Beat em up game called … Exile: The Outcast Chronicles. We were going for a Castle Crashers vibe. This semester we were tasked with making a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) as a team using Agile Development. We were all tasked with jobs, and leadership roles, and were handed the floor the entire semester to do what we wanted.

The first half was rough, with a lot of arguing, and conflicts, but towards the end of the semester, half of our team had already dropped. I was the build master and I was in charge of version control, and taking all the finished assets and getting them to work in Unity3D together. Let me tell you that was no easy task. I was trying to do one of the most important scripts on top of trying to juggle everything being sent to me.

The last week before this was due, it was constantly crashing on us left and right. But we managed to pull through in the last 30 mins before it was due, and I got an EXE up and running for MATC’s Portfolio Night. (Whew!)

It was a great turn out with a lot of good feed back and everyones family seemed to enjoy it ! :) Considering we are only second semester students, obviously it’s no AAA game, but i can tell you this 2.5D Beat Em Up is no easy task, and i am extremely happy with the team coming together in the last minutes to get this game done.

Now it’s comes the part where we do Retrospectives, and where we are graded by are peers! >.<

Two days left of the semester …. Almost there ! :)

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