Team Oikose & the Outcast Chronicles

So to talk about some of the issues i came across when putting this game together…

1.) Getting the team’s art work on the same page. With sizing and using the Powers of 2. We found out the hard way, and were getting major memory crashes due to textures. Our Scrum Master Claire spent a lot of time going back through most of our textures to compress everything.

2.) Getting people to use my pipeline properly. A few of the team members did, but i had made the spreed sheet for the build master specifically so that i would not forget anything that was being sent to me. It was a great tool to have and it definitely nice to visually see what i needed to get done.

3.) We came across some minor issues towards the end. Tweaking the Start Menu Screen music to cross over to the Loading Screens. Getting the Rouge to animate his death before moving on to the Loose or Win screen. Which was just a time scale issue. The team also had to work on getting the characters to die on the floor, where as before, they would run through their death animation in mid air. Tweaking the Win Scenario to make it play based off a timer. Once the Victory music was done, THEN it went to the credits. Where as before the user had to push any button. Which was fine at first, but once you were fighting with the Boss, the button mashing would continue on to the credits too past.

There were many other minor issues we had towards the final minutes as we tried implementing some of last minute touches, the build started crashing again. So i had to carefully and quickly trace my steps backwards to get it working again, and run an EXE. 30 mins before we were about to show it off, i got it working. :)

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