Visions of Zosimos Update!

Picture: Just showing some of the thing’s I do for my job as Community Manager at Forever Interactive, it is a Facebook Post.

Just a little update on my internship. I was really busy the last few weeks with school, but it works out because Forever Interactive is ran by students, Graduates, and industry professionals who are really understanding of that. Thank God!

As of right now, we are currently waiting for the Hero Engine to update, and get our game updated with the latest patch. Until that happens I have had to change the Open Alpha Key emails being sent out with a Temporary Player Client, so that our players are still able to play. We are also waiting for them to get their “In Game Stores” working so we can move on to a Beta Phase, and get this game one step further to market.

I have been updating Tumblr, IndieDB, and MMORPG lately, and of course watching over Twitter, Facebook, and sending out Open Alpha Keys via email. I used to meet with the Design team every Friday, but recently with the change of locations of the company and school, i have been slacking on that. I am going to be joining them as much as i can this summer, as this helps me learn the mechanics to our game.

We have a lot of great marketing ideas coming up that i am really excited about! We just got to get this game updated so we can get more marketing out the door !

Below are links of some of our social media sites I help maintain, enjoy!

VoZ Facebook , VoZ Tumblr , VoZ IndieDB , VoZ MMORPG ,

VoZ Twitter

VoZ Open Alpha Community Google+

VoZ Open Alpha Community Facebook

Learning everyday, but i still have a long way to go :) Journey Onward !

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