Time for Capstone!

School starts in just a few day’s for our two semester Capstone project! This is my programs big and final project in order to graduate. The team i have joined is Raid + Interactive, and let me tell you, i am really excited to work with these guys. I am going to be learning alot these next two semesters. Although we have gotten a head start by having meetings and get together’s this summer to try an accomplish as much as possible before we move into sprint 0. I however, due to work, was unable to attend all the meetings, but i was able to contribute financially to the paper prototyping, and prototyping sessions, few tech meetings, and the last meeting of the summer before school starts. We went over alot of our epics, features, talked about pipelines, roadmapping, etc. I am glad to be apart of a team that has ton’s of determination to be the best Capstone project that MATC’s ever seen.

I have been trying to keep me feet wet when it came to the Unity Engine, and programming. During the tech meetings, it was made known that Databases, and Card storage are going to be a huge feature in our game. So the above picture was one of the few different things i had tried. I was able to run a build with a editable XML document. When you load the game, you are able to move the ball around on the board. When you click on the SAVE button, it will save the ball’s name, and position on the board into an XML doc. When you move the ball into a different position and click on the LOAD button, it will move the ball back to the saved position. Not exactly what we want, but i am definatley new with databases, so any but of learning helps.

Another member of the tech team was able to get a Blackjack game going over a sever. Which is going to be a key learning experience moving forward into this project.

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