Gen Con 2014!

This year, Gen Con reached all-new attendance records with a weekend turnstile attendance of 184,699 and unique attendance of 56,614. This represents a more than 14% total increase year-over-year. 

We were at Gen Con Indy to scope out ideas, as we want to release Visions of Zosimos in 2015 at Gen Con Indy. It’s a huge goal!

It was an amazing event, with ton’s to do as far as CCG’s, Tabletop, RPG’s, Cosplay, and Video games go. I got to meet and actually get card’s signed by numerous Artist’s from Magic the Gathering. We saw Will Wheaton, but his posse wasn’t letting anyone near him, no big deal.

We also talked and met with Ivan Norman, from King of the Nerds Season One. He a game designer with a huge following. He was actually a very nice guy, and very smart. I talked about our game, and we a a great conversation. Sent him a few Alpha key’s! We also meet with Oomba. Pretty much they are providing a way for physical card tournaments to get into the e-sports market with their streaming and tournament tracking software. Looking forward to see how that goes :). Above all it was an awesome time!

More pictures coming…