Playtesting At It's Finest!

Artwork by Jake Bezrouk  /  Board prototype designed by Noah Hildebrant

Paper prototyping our game SOY is going to essential to our development process for our game. The idea behind our game is that we want to build a couch-play style game which the players will be thrown into the world of Yen, on a mission to loot it of it’s treasures. I had played a game during the first week or two of the semester (not on the board shown above) , and it was a little rough. It was really hard for me to see the fun at first because the boards and mechanics weren’t quite there yet. Then i also reminded myself, that it was still too early, and was confident in the designers to make this game fun.

And of course then the designer’s had a huge turn around, thank’s to Noah’s “Great Design Race” and are on the right track to making an exciting game. Noah, our product owner, designed his own board “The Amethyst Forest” , and it looks gorgeous (pictured above)!

When sprint 1 started, i had focused on my programming, but i am making it a point to play a game here either tomorrow, or next week again and throughout the entire project from now on. On a side note , the Tech team is also going to work closer with the design team this sprint than we did this first sprint.

Going to be catching up with the recent design notes / meeting recordings, as well as the Wiki before tomorrow’s class. I can’t wait to see how the game has transformed in just a couple of weeks.

I also just helped our Design lead come up with a name for a One Shot card. :) Yay!

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