Progress Report!

I was recently told that i say “I have never done it before” or when i say “Im a noob, idk, i need to research it” a lot, and that i come off as tho i am using it as an excuse. I really was surprised by this, as i don’t mean to come off that way. When i say these things, i do actually mean them, but not in a way that i am using them as excuses. Originally i came into this program wanting to be a designer. But when i found out that once i earn my programming degree, i only need 4 more classes to get a design degree, i figured i would be dumb not to at least try. I took the programming emphasis as a challenge to myself, as i have learned from my experience in the military, when i am challenged, i perform better. I think we forget that this is still a learning environment, and even though i have made it through this far, even with having a 3.99 GPA, i still struggle with learning programming and game development. That’s why i am here at MATC, to learn. This whole program is nothing but one big self research spike. The thing’s i have crammed into my brain these past two semester’s has blown my mind. lol…

It’s been a tough half a semester so far, and my toughest semester by far, and i nearly had a heart attack last semster, lol. Had to readjust my work schedule after the first week or two, as i was getting no rest once so ever. Suck’s cause it usually takes a few week’s for schedule adjustments to settle in as they write the them a couple weeks out ahead. Now that it has settled, I am glad that i have a little more time this next sprint to stay more focused.

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