Makin an Editor Tool for Unity

So the second half of our class, we are to working on building a Unity Editor tool to use in the Engine. These tools are made to make the editor easier to use for the user. Unity is amazing in the fact that you can actually create your own IDE tool’s to use, to make your own life easier. You can create any number of custom windows in Unity, which is an awesome way to build a interface to a sub-system of your game.

We have decided since we are not a big class, that we would team up and create one awesome tool !

We brainstormed some ideas, and have decided it would be cool to be able to see, update, and create task’s from your project management tool. We are going to start with trying to implement a trello board into a Unity Editor Window. So far we have figured out that we are going to need uQuery, which is a Unity3D sub-set for jQuery. We are figuring out some minor Obsolete warning with the Unity Script, and also learning the API for Trello. After researching the internet we found that someone had started to do this, but from the looks of it never finished. We are hoping to accomplish and possibly publish it to the asset store one day. If we get Trello down pat, we will try and add another project management tool API.

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