Brain Overload Error

Well as my first task’s i was assigned to the board editor tool with Jon. After a week or so, Jon felt confident enough to finish it himself, …. showoff. (LOL i am totally kidding, Jon’s a beast) Then it was decided that i would break away from that to work on the player pathing script. The video above was about my half way point before i managed to screw it up, lol. This was my first attempt at player pathing, and it was my first true task as a team member of Raid +, so i really wanted to get this done, as i want to be a valuable part of the Tech team. Once again, Dane swooped in to save the day this time and took over the script, and has completed it.

I had the player following a path of nodes using the board editor tool that Jon had created. When it came time to have the ask for the user’s input to move along the path, is where i started becoming lost. I believe that i was just over thinking the entire process, as i was wanted code things which other script’s would handle or call the player pathing scripts, like the game manager or turn manager, instead of scoping out on completing just the simple task. Although i feel i would have figured it out eventually, Dane did it in like a day, lol. Sigggh. He has is completed for now, and i have been sifting threw it, understanding it, and seeing where i went wrong. I must say, after the way last semester turned out, with just both Scotts, and myself programming Exile, i am really glad we have strong, enthusiastic programmers on our team that i can learn from.

As i was working with the Player Pathing script, i did come across a plugin called iTween. I have been tasked with finding out more about iTween functionality, syntax, and any great tutorials, then report back to the team.

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