iTween You Tween We All Tween for ITween

Working on a document for the team to reference for a Unity plug in called iTween. It can smoothly move an object along a path and even provide a visual representation of what you can expect in as little as two lines of code. It can also spin, shake, punch, move, handle audio, fade color and transparency with each task needing only one line of code. It also offer’s a complete call back system which is capable of firing custom functions when an animation begins, updates and ends as well as providing custom properties to each callback.

iTween also has other plugins itself and compatible with other Unity tools

It has been implemented in with PlayMaker which iTween, Photon, and NGUI can all communicate with each other.

The iTween Native Extension extends the GameObject in Unity to support numerous aspects of iTween to allow significantly faster and cleaner access to most of iTween’s powerful animation properties and commands.

LeanTween is an efficient tween engine that offers much less overhead than other tween engines. It also avoids drastic frame-rate drops experienced with other tween engines.

I still have a lot more to learn about iTween, but i am already starting to love it!

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