API Programming Assignment - Modding Take Away

So our first major project for API programming was to MOD an exsisting game, Take Away, and make it our own.

The images in the post below are what the game looks like before. The video here is what my game looked like after. This was a really fun project! Here are the modifications that I made:

—Modifications made :

— Important MOD

— You MUST have headphones plugged in to Play Jeremy’s MOD  ;P (This is a joke because I started having issues with my MOD and it was not playing right and kept crashing on me. Well this happened when I was adding in sounds, and for some reason, because the code was calling for a sound to be played and I, at the time, did not have speakers plugged in. I asked my instructor for help, and for some reason, plugging my head phones in made the game work again! LOL)

— Modified the Loading Screen

— Changed the Background.

— Changed the loading code to resemble x’s

— Changed the Colors of the text at the bottom in code.

— Modified the Main Menu

— Changed the Images

— Changed the Buttons and Highlighted buttons

— Added code to aquire the correct date when saving a game or getting a high score

— Modified the Control’s Setting Screen

— Changed the Images

— Changed the Buttons and Highlighted buttons

—Modifications to the Main Game

— Changed the Scoreboard Images

— Changed the Color of the Scoreboard text in code

— Changed the border color around the screen

— Changed the World Space Border to make it look cooler :)

— Changed the Image that the enemy take’s away to the Star’s from Mario

— Modified the code so that the enemies move a little slower. They were pretty fast before.

— Modified and added code so that the player recieves a better weapon as they get a higher score.

— Added Code in to add in some sounds and music

— Turned down the Reswpawn counter on the Player

— Modified the enenmies colors, one changes colors, and the other looks like it has flashing lights.

—Modification to the Win Screen

— Changed the Images to look AmAzInG lol

— Changed the Button and Highlight

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