Demo Day

Well what can I say about demo day ... It went really well! Keith Fuller, formerly of Ravensoft, gave a talk on Leadership and Agile Development within the gaming Industry. He was a very knowledgeable guy who has had a lot of experience in the industry already. There were a lot of cool games being demoed by the students. As for Scoundrels of Yen and Raid+, even though a lot the work accomplished was under the hood with a lot of tech, we had a nice presentation overall. Plus we learned a lot from the experience. Here are just some of the slide show's we showed off below. After we were done, we had 4 laptop's set up over a network, and showed off the first level of our game, the Amethyst Forest. Although there was not a lot of action, for 1 semester of work, like I said, we managed to accomplish a lot of tech heavy tasks. Very happy with how things turned out.

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