Drawing Card Animation Extravaganza!

So after my Dice task, I was assigned to start working on the Player's hand. I was to be able to pull from the player's deck of cards, the card would then animate, and pop out at the player displaying the card drawn, shrink back down to it's original size, then moves into the player's hand in a synchronized fashion. This was probably one of the hardest programming task's I had been assigned to thus far. Justin, one of our programmers, was also assigned to program in this task and get the card animation's coming onto the screen, showing the card, and animating it to the player's hand.

This first video shows my progress in the beginning, where i have card's being drawn, displayed, and properly moving into the player's hand. I had to use card's as placeholders, disable them on start, and use the position of those disabled object's to get the properly, but come to find out later, the way I had gone about this, ended up being wrong anyway.

This next video was showing my progress above but working with our Turn Manager, which controls the each player's turn phase.

This next video show's my progress, and combining was Justin has programmed for the animation's of the card's actually coming into view. In the video you will see a weird angle, and the card disappear when it flip's over, but this is only for testing purposes as the test cards only had a texture on one side.

After this progress, I started running into some issues with the card's now drawing properly. Figured out it was a timing issue with the animations. After that was figured out, I got it properly calling for 5 cards, which is the max amount you can have in your hand for our game, and properly animating as shown in this video below.

After we had worked on this, and got it properly animation, now came time to actually pull cards from our database and have them displaying properly in the engine. This became pretty difficult for me and I had to get some help with it. After some failed attempt's our Lead Programmer Dane took over and polished it up and got it working amazingly! 

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