OOP Programming Class

So that's the updates so far for this class. We are currently working on an assignment which involves using File IO using the last assignment. We also have to develop a basic Iphone App as our final project for the class. Stay tuned for more updates on that!

Also, I helped my Instructor recently by going to an I-Fair for Middle school and High school students to try and interest students into going to MATC for IT DEV. It was a fun experience, talking about the previous assignment we have done, and talking about programming to future students. This also got me some extra credit for the class! :) What made it even better was that my Computer Simulation and Gaming program was the booth next to us! So i got to help promote for two different programs. The image below is just a quick photo to reference but also check out the link below to view the entire article about the fair! It was a lot of fun...

Click HERE to view the whole article!

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