Scoundrels of Yen Survey Results

So after we let our survey run for a full sprint, we got some great results! We had a total of 140 survey's taken, which I guess is currently the team's highest so far. We were giving away one lucky random winner a free $10 Game Stop Gift Card just for participating in our survey. Just kind of a way to let people know that we take our survey's seriously, and want to give people a chance to take a survey with a chance at winning something for doing it. Having some incentive to taking the survey, I've learned get's people interested, but keeping the reward's game related. In the future once our game is into Beta and moving towards a Gold state, it will be a good idea to have rewards, contest's, survey's, etc for Testers or player's to get free digital asset's to our game. I think this is a great way to get information from the player's on way's to improve our game, and rewarding them with in game content. It's a win-win for everyone!

With that, we got some great feed back from everyone and I look forward to bringing the results to the team to review and discuss.

Below is a in game screen shot of our progress so far, compliments of Raid+ game designer Shane Schultz.

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